How the On-Demand Workforce is Replacing the Full-Time Employee

Technology is moving faster than ever. The days where knowing the basics of telecom systems and a little bit of web programming are gone. The needs change quickly, and companies don’t have time or resources to train people themselves. In this environment, IT professionals are rightly concerned about where their place in the world will be in a few years.

The End of The Full-Time Employee

The larger a company gets, the more likely it will be to have “dead weight”; that is, people who are not truly adding value with their presence. There are often people with dated skills kept on the payroll doing busy work or have such ill-defined jobs that no one is really sure what he or she do. As competition in the IT sector grows, companies are looking to minimize this kind of drain.

The side effect of this is that some hard-working professionals may find that their department is deemed as unneeded and work is instead outsourced. This doesn’t mean that the field engineer’s world is coming..


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